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Feeling unclear? Get the guidance you need to navigate the college admissions process

The college application process is overwhelming

There are so many moving parts to keep track of—from essays to extracurricular activities. You want to set your child on a path to success, but right now you feel unclear about it all:

  • How do you narrow down a list of schools?
  • What should your child do to ace their essays?
  • How do you highlight your child's strengths?
  • Is testing still important after COVID?

Let's be honest: testing and grades aren't enough anymore.

If you want your child to be accepted into the best college for them, they need a comprehensive college admission strategy that helps them stand out and get noticed by Admissions counselors.

On top of all this, you have to consider your child's personality and goals.

You don't want to force a college choice on your child if it's not the right fit. You want to help them get into the college that's the best match for who they are and who they want to be.

How on Earth do you navigate the process with everything else you have on your plate (and without frustrating your child)?


You need a proven process designed by an expert

Imagine for a second...

  • Having access to a proven framework that has helped hundreds of students like yours get into their dream college - no more guesswork about what to include in your application!
  • Getting a step-by-step process that helps your student explore their gifts, identify their specific college needs, and clarify a unique vision for life in a fun process of self-discovery.
  • Having the choice of not one - but several - highly sought after colleges to choose from as you build a solid foundation for professional success long after your college years. 

Introducing College Admission Academy

Admission Academy is a 4-week live group class that includes self-paced videos, a private community, and live coaching via Zoom.

Class Outline

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What You Get

Video Lessons

Get strategic, step-by-step videos to help you navigate the college admissions process.


All students get access to digital worksheets to help you apply the material in the lessons.

Live Coaching

Feeling stuck? Join our Live Coaching calls to get the support you need. All calls are recorded if you can't make it.

Private Community

Students get access to a Slack channel to communicate during live class, ask questions, and connect with others.

Parent / Student Interviews

Join our Gold or Platinum tier and get access to Parent/Student interviews with one of our admissions specialists.

"The methods that David taught me through the videos helped me hone in on my interests and develop a plan for admission that helped me get into Sarah Lawrence College. I currently focus my study on a combined focus of physics and modern dance."

Maurice Dawkins,
Sarah Lawrence College and 
Oxford University

"My son really became focused…I am forever grateful that all your efforts got him accepted to seven of the best schools. You have my deepest appreciation that Sarah Lawrence College is among them."

Lorna Dawkins, parent of College Match course participant 


"David Montesano's process helped me find the perfect college and showed me how to highlight my strengths in order to standout from the rest of the applicants. I love USC—it is the perfect place for me to achieve my career goals of being a writer for television!"

Elianna Cohen
USC School of Cinematic Arts and 
UC Berkeley

Choose Your Preferred Plan

Choose the option below that works best for you. All plans include video lessons and worksheets designed to help you successfully navigate the college admissions process.



Live Class!

  • Access to class videos
  • Worksheets
  • Private Slack community
  • Live coaching via Zoom
  • Parent/ Student Interviews
  • One (1) summer enrichment essay
  • Two (2) hours of private admission consulting
  • Four (4) hours of essay editing support with an Essay Strategist



Live Class!

  • Access to class videos
  • Worksheets
  • Private Slack community
  • Live coaching via Zoom
  • Parent/ Student Interviews
  • One (1) summer enrichment essay
  • Two (2) hours of private admission consulting
  • Four (4) hours of essay editing support with an Essay Strategist

Hi, I'm David Montesano.

For the past 20 years, I've helped hundreds of high school students, just like yours, get into their dream college.

I grew up in the field of education with a father who worked as a learning disabilities researcher.

During my own college years, I lived with a family that founded Pomona College and I stumbled upon a hidden system of Little Ivy League colleges that performed astoundingly well at getting students into the top graduate law, business and medical schools.

I discovered that the admissions process is stacked in colleges’ favor—and I wanted to level the playing field.

Since 2001, my admissions consulting company, College Match, has given hundreds of families necessary strategies to help their children find the right college, get accepted, and thrive once they’re in.

I've been called a “new breed” of college admissions consultant by The Washington Post/Newsweek for my use of business strategy techniques in positioning students for admissions success by turning the tables on the college admissions process.

My students LOVE their chosen college — and their career choice

In fact, here are just a few of our successes:

  • 95% of our students gain admission to their dream colleges
  • $87,000 average scholarship amount per student
  • $9,000,000 in merit scholarships secured since 2010

"Choosing College Match is one of the best investments I have made in my life. We were scrambling as a family to understand the complex college admissions process. The best part of working with David’s system is that he will not change your kid, but rather identify his/her strengths and help polish them. My kid got offers from multiple dream colleges."

Parent of Ayush Nag, University of Washington, Allen School of Engineering Freshman

"Your approach made a huge difference. I was accepted to every college I applied to including Tufts, Bates, and Macalester, with scholarships from University of Oregon ($4,000), University of Puget Sound ($12,000), Willamette University ($13,000), and Occidental College ($7,000)your approach made a huge difference."

Phoebe Merritt, attended Occidental College (West Coast Little Ivy)

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