Blasting Through Writer’s Block in The College Application Essay

Blasting Through Writer’s Block in The College Application Essay

Aug 25, 2022

Even students who sail through the informational part of the application may find themselves freezing up on the personal essay; this isn’t quite like any other assignment they’ve written before, and the stakes are high.

Is there some secret formula to which only a select few have access? No! The three keys to success are simple and close at hand:

1.     Everyone is far more interesting than they realize–and that includes YOU, even if you think you have the most ordinary life ever.

2.     People are curious about other people.

3.     You can present your story in a way that captivates readers.

Remember when Zoom was new, how exciting it was to peer into people’s homes, check out the titles on their bookshelves, catch a glimpse of their pets? We’re all wired to want to learn about each other’s lives—that’s why we like to look at faces on trains and in airports; that’s why we like to imagine the possibilities unfolding behind each of the windows in a city or neighborhood.

The admissions officers who evaluate your application want to know more about you than your grade point average, extracurriculars, internships, awards, and test scores— as they read, imagining how you might be a match for their school, they’re seeking an entry point for the story of what makes you you. This is what the personal essay is for, identifying and sharing your story.

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