Storytelling & Your College Personal Statement

Storytelling & Your College Personal Statement

Oct 18, 2022

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms,” wrote poet Muriel Ruckeyser.

As an author and instructor, I’ve worked in hospital systems, high schools, colleges, universities, and conferences helping people turn their wonderings and idea fragments into finished work ready to present to the world.

All editors are story-whisperers; companioning high school students as they write their college essays is especially exciting. Often, the story turns out to be different than what the student thinks, so it’s like that classic movie plot twist when a homeowner discovers a hidden room in their house that’s been there all along—but with the writing experience, opening the door leads not to horror but to adventure!

And at the other end of the process, the college admissions officers evaluating your application get to meet the strongest, most vibrant version of you as they learn through your essay how you can contribute to their community life.

 Claire Bateman, Writing Strategist, College Match

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